Farming for us is a way of life, not a vocation. We strive to farm in a way that supports life and creates fertility. Our practices are gentle upon the landscape, yet we maintain an incredibly high production/yield per square foot. We love to show that high quality production doesn’t have to come at a cost to nature.


Community and relationships are central to how we build and operate the farm. Whether it's through our veggie boxes, farmer’s markets, fellowships, restaurant partners or farm workers, we are always scheming how we can include people and togetherness, in the fabric of what we do.


We take a lot of inspiration from methodologies encouraging the use of good design and the inclusion of natural elements and patterns in the landscape. Trees and other perennial plants are central to our farmscape and provide us with animal habitat, windbreaks, forage, financial income and beauty.


Our production methods are based around our strong belief in creating living soils. Soils are the base of a healthy eco-system and fertile farm, and therefore we priorities building our soil health as a core practice of our farming ethos. One method we use to encourage such soil health is called ‘no till’ or ‘minimal till’ farming. Practically, this means we minimise our impact on soil biology by not inverting or unnecessarily disturbing the natural soil structure. This encourages bacterial life, fungal life, and the soil web to thrive and create balance and fertility within our soils. We strongly believe this is a core element of regenerative farming and ‘farming for the future’.


The Mossy Willow Retreat exist to give a place for passionate people to dream, collaborate, create and share. There is nothing more refreshing and rejuvenating than this.


The team

Mike  Farm Manager


Farm Manager

Keren  Farm Manager


Farm Manager

Rachel  Farm Worker


Farm Worker

Adam  Property and Events Coordinator


Property and Events Coordinator


Small giants


Small Giants was founded in 2007 by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman to create, support, nurture and empower businesses and entrepreneurs that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Our mission is to lead our community towards Empathy and a New Economy. That means we use business as our major tool for positive social and environmental impact, and provide people with a meaningful pathway to live a life of passion and purpose. From start-up social enterprises and large-scale social and environmental investments, to sustainable property development and a more secure food system, the Small Giants family of businesses reflects our deep passions and diverse interests. For every business we ask ourselves: is it good for people? Is it good for the environment? Is it creating the world we want to live in?

We’ve spent our first decade growing a family of businesses committed to positive change, including beloved businesses like Dumbo Feather, The Sociable Weaver Group, Impact Investment Group and The School of Life. Now we are focusing on the second part of our mission; to provide people with a meaningful pathway to live a life of passion and purpose. This requires people to be their best, most emotionally intelligent, conscious and empathetic selves. This idea defines our theory of change: empathetic and self aware people leading purpose driven companies in an economic system that values relationships and prioritises people and nature.