Weekly CSA Food Box 


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique partnership between grower and eater.


Bring on the veggies


On a seasonal basis Mossy Willow Farm delivers a weekly food box of organic, seasonal and freshly picked vegetables to the City every Tuesday afternoon / evening with on-farm pickup available on Wednesday afternoon / evening.

Mother nature makes the decisions each week, so your box contents will depend on what is ripe and ready at the farm. This winter season we are growing Broccoli, purple and white cauliflower, Romanescco (coral) cauliflower, various cabbages, 4 varieties of kale, collard greens, celeriac, spinach, rainbow chard, hierloom beets, gorgeous red and white spring onions, mini cos head lettuces, fennel, sugersnap peas, baby kale, tatsoi, baby bok choi, radishes, Japanese sweet salad turnips, juicy carrots, parsley, dill, coriander, winter squash and our signature baby salad mix.

You will also receive a newsletter each week that will give you a little snapshot of what is happening on the farm, how the season is panning out, maybe some interesting food systems reading and recipe suggestions for some of our more unusual items. Just our way of keeping you connected to where your food comes from.


Winter Season (8 weeks)

Full Box - $40


The full size weekly CSA box is a great option for families, couples or singles who eat a lot of fresh veggies.

To give you an idea of what to expect, your box could contain roughly: 1 broccoli, 1 cauliflower/cabbage, 300 gr salad mix, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of kale, 3 beets, 1 bunch spring onion, 3 baby bok choi.


Winter Season (8 weeks)

Half Box - $25


The half-size weekly CSA box is a special option for singles or those who don't get a chance to eat at home many nights in the week.

As an example your box could contain roughly: 1 small broccoli, 1/2 cauliflower/cabbage, 150 gr salad mix, 1 small bunch of carrots, 1 small bunch of parsley, 1 small of kale, 2 beets, 1 small bunch spring onion, 2 baby bok choi.


Tuesday Afternoon City Pick-up: 

Your weekly CSA box will be available for pick up on a Tuesday afternoon between 4-6 pm at The White House, 11 Princess Street St Kilda and a second site at 78 Yarra St Abbotsford from 8.40 pm. 

Wednesday pick-up from the Farm: 

Veggie boxes will also be available for pick-up each Wednesday, anytime between 2 -7 pm from Mossy Willow Farm at 547 Main Creek Rd, Main Ridge.

“May the fork be with you”

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Tell Me More

Community Supported Agriculture is a growing trend in the small-scale regenerative agriculture sector. It presents a more viable alternative for farmers and allows consumers to connect more deeply to where their food comes from.


The more we share, the more we have.

Practically speaking, Community Supported Agriculture enables a farmer to sell directly to her customers/members and therefore acquire a fairer price for her produce. It also gives her business a greater level of financial stability due to the on-going (subscription) support that members provide. In return, the farmer can plan ahead for the season and happily guarantees to provide healthy, seasonal vegetables and share the extra bounty when available. By working together the whole community benefits.


Food Brings people together.

The sharing of food need not begin the moment we begin eating around a table. ‘Teikei’, the Japanese word for the original CSA inspiration, means ‘relationship’ or ‘partnership’.  It was a way family and farmer, grower and eater, could support each other in creating something healthier and beneficial for all those involved – people, community, the environment. 


What I stand for, is what i stand on.

Farming is about creating life – be it human, plant, animal, bacterial or fungal! Yet most agriculture around the world represents a different reality. The CSA model gives grower and eater a unique opportunity to work together at regenerating our shared landscape and restoring it to a level of beauty we’ll feel proud to pass on to future generations. Growing food and healthy farmscapes is a step on this journey. It’s a fun and challenging path best done together!






What do I get each week?

The content of the weekly boxes are seasonal, organic vegetables available at that time of the year on the farm. Some items will be largely consistent from week to week, while others surprises will come and go. It's part of the fun of a CSA and allows you to learn more about seasonality.


How much do I get?

Each member will get a variety of vegetables equal to the price of their box (be it $40 or $25). We will however happily share extra produce when the bounty is available therefore giving you a better bang for your buck!


How is a CSA different from a veggie box scheme?

The CSA model is based upon a direct relationship with the farmer and consumer. On the other hand, many Veggie box schemes are not based upon direct partnerships, but on a 'middleman' who makes profit by adding a margin. Produce is also rarely guaranteed to be either local, season or freshly picked (we pick and pack the day of delivery). CSA models also involve an element of pre-purchasing (most require a full seasonal payment in advance), which allows a farmer to plan ahead and grow produce without the need for bank loans and speculating on quantities. Ultimately this results in consumers getting high quality veggies at less than retail price and farmers having less debt.  


Can I change what is in my box?

It isn't possible to offer modifications to boxes because the season is planned months in advance. However on the day of delivery we will have a small 'exchange box' where members can trade items with each other.



We certainly encourage requests and would love as much feedback as possible, it will help us to keep everyone happier. We will do our absolute best to customise what we do to meet the needs of our community, within the bounds of what is feasible.



The gift of nourishing food is a true example of enlightened hospitality. We encourage you to find someone who you can gift your box to or find a friend to pick it up for you. Alternatively we can arrange to have your box donated to a local charity.



In the unfortunate instance that you need to cancel your box, we would firstly urge you to try to find someone to take it over for you. If this isn't possible we can cancel any subsequent payments in your instalment plan, provided we get at least one weeks notice prior to the next payment date. 


Can you deliver to my house?

At this stage it is not feasible for us to deliver to individual homes. However, if you can offer your house as a pick-up point for some friends, then let us know and maybe we can do a group drop-off for a few people.