Berry & Danny

mossy willow founders and free-thinkers

Berry is the co-founder and Creative Director of Small Giants, the Publisher and Editor of Dumbo Feather and a mum to the three cutest kids in the world. Berry loves the gardens at the farm. Especially the roses. A few years back, Berry used to write screenplays in LA and directed a few short films but decided to come home and get married to Danny (CEO extraordinaire of Small Giants). Very good decision.

Danny is the co-founder and CEO of Small Giantswhich he started with Berry "the most awesome person in the world" (Danny's words). Prior to Small Giants, Danny was the founding CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia  and the CEO of Medivax. He has done some other cool stuffincluding being part of the team that broke the record for racing a solar car across Australia. He loves reading non-fiction, jumping on the trampoline with his kids and getting his hands dirty on the farm. 


The Gang

growers, ENTREPRENEURS and animals

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