Mossy Willow Farm is a sustainable farm and retreat based in Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula. Set on 30acres, we enjoy a wide range of agricultural enterprises including livestock, market gardens, orchards, specialty crops, and ornamental gardens.

We aim to connect our community to the earth through ethical farming and hard work, and make some delicious produce along the way.

Intern Program Structure

The Mossy Willow Farm internship will offer an honest and productive hands-on experience in small scale agriculture that leads to positive outcomes for both the interns and the Farm. 

We’re looking for people willing to work hard and do what it takes. In return, you’ll get real experience managing our agricultural and livestock operations, learning about progressive and traditional farming techniques, be exposed to our networks, learn the benefits and challenges of rural life, and importantly, have fun.

Program Length:                              3 Months

Program Commitments:               3 full days of induction, followed by a minimum of 1 day per week ongoing attendance at the farm. Extra attendance is welcomed at the discretion of the intern.

Accommodation & Meals:           For the days spent ‘on farm’ accommodation and meals are provided. Meals will be breakfast and lunch provisions and a communal dinner.

Learning Materials:                         Interns will receive an ‘Induction Pack’ with basic learning materials and essential reading.

Our program is split into two streams to choose from – Horticulture and Livestock – so you can learn the skills that best suit your needs.


  • Animal husbandry
  • Livestock management (chickens, sheep, cows)
  • Fencing
  • Breeding
  • Livestock processing
  • Egg production
  • Laws  & regulations


  • Market Gardening
  • Orchards management
  • General garden maintenance
  • Ornamental gardening
  • Weed management
  • Supply chain  management

Common Topics

  • General farm safety
  • Using equipment & machinery
  • Budgeting & business management

Independent Project

Each intern will be given an independent project to do in their own time which will be set on the initial induction days. This will be a real farm project with real implications to Mossy Willow, as well as an opportunity for you to leave a lasting legacy on our farm. Projects could include designing and building the next generation mobile chicken house, or establishing a small scale commercial flower garden.

Expected Outcomes

It is important to know that this program is being run by farmers and entrepreneurs actively engaged in agriculture. This does not replace formal education in horticulture or livestock management; it is intended to complement it. Formal training from a TAFE or similar institution is still advised.

Want to join the team?

If you're interested in interning with us, shoot us an email at with some information about yourself, what internship stream you're interested in, and anything you think we should know.