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Simon's Summer BBQ

Summer is well and truly here.

As is 2015.

The weather is gorgeous.

As is the farm.

Let's celebrate.

Oh, and, Simon recently turned the big THREE ZERO... 

With all these things in mind, we are throwing a BBQ on the farm!


We would relish the opportunity to ketchup with you!

Relax on the lawn of Farm HQ at Mossy Willow Farm, connect with the earth and enjoy some by-the-creek serenity.

We will have all three of Simon's BBQs fired up with various goodies, but please feel free to bring your own offering to the gods of heat and smoke! (sans piggy products)

When: Saturday 31st January

Thyme: From 1pm

Where: Farm HQ @ Mossy Willow Farm, 547 Main Creek Rd Main Ridge (you mustard turn right when you enter the driveway)

Partners, offspring, pickles and dogs welcome

In the event of a extreme fire danger the event will be postponed - we'll be in touch if that happens.

Don't be a dill, please let us know if you'll be coming along:

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What do you call a fake noodle?  

An impasta.

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